February 2020, Vol. 4 and Issue. 1
1 Well-being of Caregiver and burden of Care giving to stroke patients by Abha Verma
2 A Study of Alienation on Faculty, Gender and Living of Area among College going students by Datta Vishwanath Londhe
3 A Study of anxiety, depression and stress on Urban and Rural College students by Dr. Dipak D. Nikam
4 A comparative study of Self-Confidence among Male and Female Inter-Collegiate Kabaddi players by Dr. R. P Rathod
5 Reaction to Frustration among Challenged and Normal Students by Dr. Jadhav Sunil Eknath
6 Gender Equality by Dr. Pooja More
7 A Study of Marital Adjustment among Working and Non- Working women by Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare
8 A Study of Occupational stress among Worker by Suhas Baburao Joshi
9 Attitude towards Education among Teachers and Parents by Prashant Prakash Somvanshi
10 A Study of Self- Esteem among College Students by Sachin Vasant Sutar
11 Comparative Study of Aerobic Capacity among Judo and Boxing Players by Mr. Syed Riyazuddin and Dr Shaikh Afsar
12 Effect of Pre-Puberty Maturity on Psychological Factors among Girls by Sharda Vasant Matsagar
13 A comparative study of Self- Esteem among Male and Female College Students by Sumaya Khatoon
14 Effect of Self-Confidence on Adolescence by Sunanda R. Korde
15 Need and Importance of Education by Dr. Tej Singh Rajpal
16 Impact of internet addiction on depression by Rajeev Kumar Gupta
17 Impacts of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Review of Literature on Female Victims in Young Adulthood by Nancy George and Lucila O Bance, Ph.D.


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