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Expressive Art Therapy Workshop

The expressive arts combine the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development. Phonix encourages an evolving multimodal approach within psychology, organizational development, community arts and education. By integrating the arts processes and allowing one to flow into another, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, clarity, illumination and creativity.

Expressive Art Therapy mostly used art as a means of self expression, it help others use the arts to heal and empower themselves. It helps others by supporting them through the arts and the creative process. Over the last fifty years, it has become clear that traditional forms of psychotherapy have limited effectiveness for many people. The client has the opportunity to work with both the process of creating art, as well as the product. Art provides an opportunity for the safe expression of feelings, creating a “boundary” or “container” where previously there may have been none.

Who all can attend : Psychology UG/PG Students, Psychologists, Clinicians, Counselors, Artists, Teachers, Rehabilitation Therapists and other stake holders.

When : 2nd September 2018 (Sunday) 11:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.

Where :Phonix Intervention Centre, C-4/123-124, Ground Floor, Sector - 6, Rohini, New Delhi - 110085, India.

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