21st Edition - Aug 2020, Vol. 4, Issue. 4

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1 Academic stress, Resilience and Social Support in Undergraduate College Students Pragati Bhatt and Juhi Saliya pragati237@gmail.com & psychology.boon@gmail.com
2 A Study of Alienation among Urban and Rural College Going students Sunanda Rameshwar Korde sunandakorde@rediffmail.com
3 Balance Diet for Women’s Positive mental Health Dr. Pooja A More poojamore2476@gmail.com
4 The levels of Emotional intelligence and Adjustment among senior college students Dr. Umakant Subhash Gaikwad umakantpsy03@gmail.com
5 Educational Problems among Students and Role of Teacher and Counselor Dr. Sunita Watore tayadedru@gmail.com
6 Impact of Yoga Practices on Mental Health Maharashtra State Female Kustigir Nitesh Nandlal Kabliye and Dr. Pravin Shiledar --
7 To Study the Anxiety and Self-confidence among Urban and Rural State Level Female Kustigir Nitesh Nandlal Kabliye and Dr. Pravin Shiledar --
8 A study of Emotional Intelligence on Not Internet Addiction and Internet Addiction Students Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
9 Mental Health and Optimism of Health Care Worker’s During Covid19; A Qualitative Analysis Ms. Jini Sherly Saji and Dr. Mahesh Babu mejinimyself@gmail.com
10 Effect of Psychological Conditioning on Mental Health and Anxiety among College students Prashant Prakash Somvanshi prashantsomvanshi@yahoo.com
11 A Study of Anxiety, Depression, Stress among UG and PG Students Anjali Panditrao Pandit anjalipandit848@gmail.com
12 A Study of Life Satisfaction of Married and Unmarried Person Narayan Ganapat Gavare narayangavre99@gmail.com
13 Impact of Anxiety on Reaction Time among College Going Students Kedar Sominath Rahane ksrahane@gmail.com
14 A study of Self-Confidence among Male and Female College Students Sharda Vasantrao Matsagar shardaautade52@gmail.com
15 Modes of frustration in Adolescents Deepali Srivastava srivastavadeepali7@gmail.com