Couples and Family Therapy Certificate

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Our comprehensive curriculum in Certificate Course in Couples and Family Therapy includes the foundational courses of Marriage and Family Counseling, Course students gain the knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to address a wide variety of issues in the context of relationships and families and are prepared to serve as advocates, educators, and leaders in strengthening individuals, families, and communities. Focus on professional counselors to specialize in providing marital, couple, and family counseling for a variety of settings, including family counseling, social service, and mental health agencies, college counseling centers.

This Certificate Course in Couples and Family Therapy program is the highest potential counselor success are demonstrations of skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, consistent interpersonal behaviors, recognition of strengths and weaknesses, a clear grasp of goals, and increasing knowledge of one’s impact on others.

The program will enable students to study specific topics of interest in Marriage and Family Therapy. Certificate programs might also be a great starting point for those just beginning their graduate education. This may involve working directly with the couple or family or indirectly with an individual whose primary issues are couple or family-related, working with couples and families is very different from working with individuals. The dynamics of the relationships are complex and require a systems approach to understanding and intervening.

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    1. This an online course, the duration of the course is not fixed. This is completely on formate of “Learn at your own pace, in your own time”. Once you buy this course you can access it 24/7 at the learning platform. From time to time online assessments will be added. Which you have to pass with a minimum of 60% score. You can complete it at your convenience. Once you pass all the assessments your digital-certificates will be sent.

    1. This course is suitable for anyone who would like to work in the field of counseling. This course is beneficial for those who have done or doing masters in psychology. Only completing this course will not authenticate you for practicing counseling.

      Basic Qualification for practicing as a Counselor is M. A. Psychology + Post Grad Diploma in Guidance and Counseling.

  1. Hi. I m Psychologist. I am interested in this certificate online course. But can i get discount 50%. Even I recommended this course to many when it’s fee was 3500/-. Pl let me know if possible.

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