Archive 2021

February 2021, Vol. 5 and Issue. 1
1 Impact of Stress on Sports Performance by Dr. Jadhav Sunil Eknath
2 A Comparative Study of Locus of control on Faculty, Gender and Area of Residence among Adolescence by Anjali Panditrao Pandit
3 A Study of Emotional Intelligence among Boys and Girls 12th class Students by Sunanda Rameshwar Korde
4 A Study of Marital Adjustment between Male and Female by Dr. S.M. Watore
5 A Study of Mental Health among Male and Female Employee by Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare
6 A Study on Awareness about Barrier Free Environment among Parents of person with Intellectual Disability at Bharatpur by Dr. Parveena
7 A Comparative Study of Youth Problems among boy and girl Adolescents by Monica Sharma
8 Mental Issues of Youth by Dr. Pooja More


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