20th Edition - April 2020, Vol. 4, Issue. 2

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1 Adjustment among Male and Female High School Students Ms. Richa Ojha and Dr Sachin Kr Dwivedi drsachindwivedi@gmail.com
2 A Study of anxiety, depression and stress on Faculty, Gender among College students Datta Vishwanath Londhe dattalondhe6750@gmail.com
3 Effect of Social Media on Emotional Intelligence and Anxiety among College Students Dr. Jadhav Sunil Eknath suniljadhavpsy@gmail.com
4 Eating Disorders: Types, Diagnosis and Epidemiology in Indian urban Population Kirti and Dr. Santosh Vishvakarma rai1kirti@gmail.com
5 A comparative Study of Job Satisfaction on School Teacher Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
6 A Study of Occupational stress among Teachers Sachin Vasant Sutar sachinsutar@yahoo.com
7 Impact of problematic internet use on Indian youth Rajeev Kumar Gupta rajeevgupta4119@gmail.com
8 Resilience and Self-Efficacy among Destitute and Non destitute Women: A comparative study Dr. Nivedita Das drnivedita573@gmail.com
9 Response to Meditation in a Haryana district Reema B. Mehta and Divay Mangla reemaban@gmail.com
10 A study of mental health among Urban and Rural College Students Sunanda Rameshwar Korde sunandakorde@rediffmail.com
11 A Study of Anxiety, Depression, Stress among Male and Female Students Anjali Panditrao Pandit anjalipandit848@gmail.com
12 A Study of Anxiety and Locus of Control among Boys and Girls College students Narayan Ganapat Gavare narayangavre99@gmail.com
13 A Study of Cognitive Style and Group Conformity and Social Loafing among senior college students Kedar Sominath Rahane ksrahane@gmail.com
14 A Study of Youth Problems among Male and Female Students Sharda Vasantrao Matsagar shardaautade52@gmail.com
15 Past Life Regression Therapy Deepali Srivastava srivastavadeepali7@gmail.com