16th Edition - August 2019, Vol. 3, Issue. 4

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1 Dreams Analysis and Resolution: A Therapeutic Process to Address Unresolved Emotional Issues through Dreams Col Sudip Mukerjee sharmauma1712@gmail.com
2 Relationship between visual perceptual skills and reading: A case study Disha Shah and Saniya Sidhesh Nadkarni ddvruddhi@gmail.com
3 A Combative study of Stress, Anxiety and Depression among 10th and 12th Class Students Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
4 A Comparative Study of Social Loafing among Boys and Girls Senior College Students Dr. Tribhuvan Sunil Laxman tribhuvansl50@gmail.com
5 Yoga is A Complete Modification from Burnout towards Being Healthy Dr. Vilas Gokul Mahajan vilasgmahajan@gmail.com
6 Instilling Resilience in Classrooms K.S.Priyah and Dr.G.Subramonian jpriyaj@gmail.com
7 Application of Eating Attitude Test (EAT 26) on a Survey Based Study on Male and Female Kirti Rai and Dr. Santosh Vishvakarma rai1kirti@gmail.com
8 “Gaming Your Way to Love”: An Exploration of the Role of Multiplayer Gaming In Romantic Relationships Arbaz Miyaji and Mini Narayanan mnarayanan@mum.amity.edu
9 Safe Guarding Human Rights & Violations in Marginalized & Excluded Sections of the Society Dr. Rohnika Sharma rohnikaspleducator@gmail.com
10 Role of Teachers in Fostering Happiness Skills as a Core Value M.Sasikala and Dr. G. Subramonian msasikala.tr@gmail.com
11 Mob Lynching: Collectively Harmful Influences of Social Media and Hidden irrational thoughts of REBT Sandeep D Satonkar sdsatonkar@gmail.com
12 A study on the assessment of levels of test – Anxiety in Children Shaheen Shaikh qtshanz@gmail.com
13 The Relationship between Self Concept and Achievement Motivation among Senior College Students Dr. Ravindra Ramdas Shinde --
14 Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Psychological Well-Being of Working Women across Different Professional Sectors Dr. Soumya Sharma and Dr. R.K. Sokhi soumyasharma21@gmail.com, rajinderksokhi@gmail.com
15 Contextualizing and Positioning Dalit Feminist Research in India Ms. Jyotsna Bidave jyotsnabidave@gmail.com
16 Role of Dalit Movements for Renaming Marathwada University: A Social Review Prof. Narwade J.M and Dr.Bharat Mimrot jalba@nkspt.in