4th Edition - August 2017, Vol. 1, Issue. 4

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1 A Comparative Study of Eudemonic Well-Being and Self-Esteem among Employed and Unemployed Muslim Women Mohammed Ibrahim Khaleel P K and Shurouq M khaleelpsy@gmail.com
2 A Study on Behaviour Problems in Children with Developmental Delay Having Down Syndrome Jagadish, A drjagadishniloufer@gmail.com
3 Application of Conservation Theory by Piaget on Children of age group 2to 7 Years Prakriti and Santosh Pandia pandiaprakriti81@gmail.com
4 Effectiveness of Information and communications technology training for Children with Learning Disabilities Seema Kaushik simikaushik13@gmail.com
5 Empowerment of Persons with Visual Disabilities through Printing Technology Jasmer Singh drjasmerkuk@gmail.com
6 Impact of Generalised Locus of Control on Perceived Self Efficacy and Memory Functioning among Illiterate Elders Nisha Rajput rajput.nisha543@gmail.com
7 Optimism, Self-Compassion and Psychological Wellbeing among Parents of Autistic and Non-Autistic Children N.P. Mehjabin Mohammed, Dilshana Jahangeer M and Amala Paul mehjabinmohammed@gmail.com
8 To Study about the Psychosocial Problem of the Patients with Psychoactive Substance Abuse Esther Bloria estherkuinamei@rediffmail.com
9 Effect of Youth Problem among Adolescence Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
10 Efficacy of Cognitive Mind Maps in Enhancing Academic Achievement among High School Students Chandini Bhoopal and Saroj Arya chandinibhoopal@gmail.com
11 Psychosocial Study of Parent of Children with Autism of Vadodara city Jigna Thakkar jignathakkar70@gmail.com
12 Role of Psychology for Children with Special Needs Ratnesh K Singh and Rinku Kumar 1180ratnesh@gmail.com
13 Study of Psychological Spiritual Undertones in Tantric practice and its Significance in Modern Cognitive Outlooks R. Lakshmi Reddy Lakshmi.r.reddy@gmail.com
14 Wellness Programmes in Schools Ritu Nagar and Aditi Gaur ritunagarsuri@gmail.com
15 Phobic Disorder: A Case Study Dr. Mansaram d. Autade amansaram@gmail.com