18th Edition - December 2019, Vol. 3, Issue. 6

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1 Changes observed in the portrayal of women in Indian English Novels with respect to the time of writing and gender of the author Nazia Kamali kamalinazia@gmail.com
2 Impect of Gender and Living of Area on Depression Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
3 A Study of Mental Health among College Students Dr. Dipak D. Nikam dipaknikam94@gmail.com
4 A Study of Emotional Intelligence on Urban and Rural Collage Students Sunanda Rameshwar Korde sunandakorde@rediffmail.com
5 A comparative Study of Psychological Distress between College Boys and Girls Mrs. Tenaz Kavina and Dr Profiana Christian tenazkavina@gmail.com
6 Internet Addiction Dr.Pooja A More poojamore2476@gmail.com
7 Effects of Photo Manipulation on the Self Esteem of Adolescence Harshi Shetty harshishah1999@gmail.com
8 An Intervention Program for Awareness of Home Science among Junior College Students in the Latur City Ms. Sandhya P. Powale and Dr. Surekha Gaikwad sandhya.powale@rediffmail.com
9 Effect on Personality of Social Media among Female College Students Mr. Prashant Prakash Somvanshi prashantsomvanshi@yahoo.com
10 A Study of Anxiety on Faculty, Gender and Area of Residence among 12th Class Students Anjali Panditrao Pandit anjalipandit848@gmail.com
11 A Study of Mental Health among Adolescence Sharda Vasantrao Matsagar shardaautade52@gmail.com
12 A Comparative Study of Self Esteem among Male and Female College Students Narayan Ganapat Gavare narayangavre99@gmail.com
13 A Study of Nuclear family children and joint family children with respect to Emotional Maturity Kedar Sominath Rahane ksrahane@gmail.com
14 A Study of Superstition Among the College Students as Related to Religiosity, Sex, Nature of Education and Parents’ Education Deepali Srivastava srivastavadeepali7@gmail.com