15th Edition - June 2019, Vol. 3, Issue. 3

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1 Impact of Cognitive Style on Group Conformity and Social Loafing among Post Graduate Students Dr. Jadhav Sunil Eknath suniljadhavpsy@gmail.com
2 Gender difference between Mental Health Dr.Ramesh D.Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
3 A study of anxiety and reaction time among graduate college students Dr. Vitthal Govind Pingale
4 Effect of Maturity on Psychological Attributes among Puberty Girls Dr. Ravindra Ramdas Shinde
5 Role of Science, Technology and Innovation towards Sustainable Development Somnath Gupta, Milan Kumar Jana and Dr. Sunil Kumar Baskey sunilkumarbaskey1@rediffmail.com
6 A Study of Mental Health among Male and Female College Students Sunanda Rameshwar Korde sunandakorde@rediffmail.com
7 A study of competition exam studied married and unmarried women student compared emotional intelligence level. Dr.S.M.Watore tayadedru@gmail.com
8 A study of Anxiety, Depression and Stress among Boys and Girls College Student Dr.Dipak D. Nikam dipaknikam94@gmail.com
9 Impact of Parenting Style on Self-Confidence of Adolescents. Kalyani Kharat kalyaniajitkharat@gmail.com
11 A Study of Comparative Adjustment among Urban and Rural College Students Anjali Panditrao Pandit anjalipandit848@gmail.com
12 Effect of Pessimistic and Optimistic Attitude on Personality Traits Team Game Players Narayan Ganapat Gavare narayangavre99@gmail.com
13 A Comparative Study of Achievement Motivation and Self-concept among Farmer Students and Non-Farmer Students Kedar Sominath Rahane ksrahane@gmail.com