17th Edition - October 2019, Vol. 3, Issue. 5

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1 A comparative study on Depression and Anxiety among Working and Non-Working women in Parbhani District Dr. Pooja Ashok More poojamore2476@gmail.com
2 A comparative study to assess the Effectiveness of Relaxation verses Breathing Techniques on labour pain relief among 1st stage of primi mothers at selected hospitals Shailaja Kashinath Date shailaja.date@gmail.com
3 A literature analysis of occupational burnout and mental health in different work sectors Deepika Saini and Sai Pranav Kuchimanchi picade16@gmail.com, pranav.kuchimanchi@gmail.com
4 A Study of Adjustment on Gender and Area of Residence among College Going Students Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
5 Depression, Anxiety, Stress among University Students Rabina Debbarma and Dr G. Umadevi rabina.debbarma@yahoo.com
6 Effectiveness of Brain Based Learning Strategies on Achievement of IX Standard English Students Dr. Mahadeo Sadashiv Disale sdisale4@gmail.com
7 Impact of Mobile Addiction on Anxiety, Stress and Depression in College Students Dr. Tribhuvan Sunil Laxman tribhuvansl50@gmail.com
8 Impact of Training Program on Children with Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education for General Education Teachers Prashant Prakash Somvanshi prashantsomvanshi@yahoo.com
9 Memes and Mental State: Comical or Dismal? Visheeta J. Chandolia visheeta2701@gmail.com
10 Relationship of Internet Addiction with Self-Esteem, Social Avoidance and Impulsivity Shaheen Shaikh qtshanz@gmail.com